Napco RP1 Style Keypad

 To Arm:

Wait for solid green light on keypad and system ready.  Enter your code followed by the ON/OFF key.  

To Disarm:

Enter your code followed by the ON/OFF key. Note: If your code does not work the first time or if you enter the wrong code, press the RESET key, then re-enter your code. 

To Disarm after Alarm:

Enter your code followed by the ON/OFF key to silence the siren and disarm the system.  Then press the RESET key to erase the alarm history display. 

To Bypass an Individual Zone when Arming:

Press the BYPASS key and then the zone # you want to bypass (2 digits, i.e. Zone 2 is 02, zone 11 is 11) then enter your code followed by the ON/OFF key.  The zones will go back to normal when you disarm the system. 

To Activate Chime:

Chime mode will sound a tone at the keypad when the programmed zone is faulted while disarmed.  Enter the Function Menu by pressing the FUNCTION key (you may have to enter your user code before pressing the FUNCTION key).  Skip functions until “Activate Chime” is displayed (press NO (the INSTANT key) until the “Activate Chime” function is displayed. When the “Activate Chime” function is displayed - press YES (the INTERIOR key).  To return to normal keypad operation, press the Reset key. 

NOTE: The chime mode is disabled while armed. 

To Bypass all Interior Zones when Arming:

Press the INTERIOR key, and then enter your code and the ON/OFF key. 

To Arm with Entry Delay Removed from Entry Doors:

Press INSTANT key, and then enter your code followed by the ON/OFF key. This allows you to walk around inside, but if any door/window is open, the alarm will immediately sound. 

To Arm/Disarm multiple areas from one keypad:

If you have more than one area, and have the “Manager’s Mode” programmed, you can arm any area from one keypad by pressing the numerical key representing the area number, press the [*] button, then ON/OFF.  In effect you will now be in that area.  Enter your code, then press ON/OFF to arm/disarm that area (code must be valid in that area).  If no buttons on the keypad are pressed, the keypad will automatically revert to the programmed area after 20 minutes. 

How to Activate Audible Panic Alarm:

To sound siren and have police dispatched immediately, press P and * at the same time.  To reset after sending a panic, enter your code followed by the ON/OFF key, enter your code again followed by the ON/OFF key. 

How to Activate Silent Duress Alarm:

If forced to disarm the system by an assailant, enter (your duress code) then your user code followed by the ON/OFF key.  This will disarm the system, but will send a silent alarm to the central station monitoring facility and the police will be dispatched immediately. 

Note:  For panic and ambush codes, the central station monitoring will not call the premise before dispatching the police.  If you need to cancel either of these alarms you must call the central station with your account number and password immediately. 

Trouble Display on keypad:

Press reset to clear trouble.  If this does not work, enter your code and press the function key until the reset menu comes up.  Press the ON/OFF key.  When "reset system trouble" appears, press ON/OFF again, and then press the RESET key until screen is normal. 

How To Change The User Code:

1) Enter user code.

2) Press the FUNCTION key until PROGRAM MODE appears.

3) Press the INTERIOR/YES button.

           The cursor will be under the user position (U01 ####)

4) Enter the two digit user position (01-32).

5) Press the FUNCTION key until the cursor is under the 1st code # (U01 ####).

6) Enter the new code (2 – 6 digits).

7) Press the ON/OFF button to save the new code.

8) Enter a new user position or press RESET 3 times to exit the program mode.

9) Now test to confirm your new user code is working.

System Trouble Codes: 


Power Failure - Is there a general power outage?  

If not: Check power transformer (black square box plugged into outlet near panel) Check for blown fuse or circuit breaker.


The Battery is below 11 volts – Usually due to AC power failure or Alarm Will automatically recharge after AC power restore If not recharged within 24 hours, it needs to be replaced. 


Unsuccessful communication to central station – Is phone line working?   

If not: Notify your phone carrier of the problem If so: Call the monitoring company Give them your account number and password. 

Ask them to put your system on test Trip your panic alarm (see directions above) If this does not clear the trouble, call for service. 


Wireless transmitter low battery (NN = receiver number) Call the monitoring company. Give them your account number and password. Ask them to put your system on test Remove the transmitter cover and replace battery. 


Trouble condition on a Fire Zone. Press the RESET button to silence the sounder. Correct the trouble, and then press the RESET button again.


Download User Guide

Napco RP1 Style Keypad User Guide (pdf)