Cellular & Wireless Solutions

Cellular Monitoring


 Whether you need backup in case the line goes down, or you have no telephone line at all, the Cellular communicator is your solution for dependable communication for your life safety and intrusion systems. Because the communicator sends and receives signals over a nationwide cellular network, your connected control panel will be able to communicate with your monitoring station even when disconnected from a landline!  

Point to Point Wireless Links


Whether you are trying to connect multiple buildings on your property to share Internet or IP security cameras, or securely link office buildings for maximum transfer rate for your network, we have the expertise, equipment, and installation experience to provide a secure, reliable point to point wireless connection. 

WiFi Solutions


Associated Security sets the industry standards for seamless and reliable Wi-Fi solutions for commercial and home purposes. We ensure that all of your commercial Wi-Fi installation, access point installation, and router installation will meet your project requirements with an on-going commitment to top-notch services & customer satisfaction. 

Cellular Router / Internet


If you need consistent, reliable access to the Internet, a cellular router could be the best solution for helping you get connected. Unlike a standard router that accesses the Internet through a hardwired cable, a cellular router enables you to get Internet access through a wireless nationwide cellular data network. Depending on your Internet needs, a cellular router can be used in mobile, offsite, back up and portable solutions.

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