Audio & Video Entry Solutions


Telephone Entry Systems

 Telephone Entry Systems are great access control devices for large apartment complexes and business centers. A telephone entry unit is mounted outside, and visitors can call tenants and request access. Tenants can then grant (or deny) access as needed by pressing a pre-determined button on their telephone or cell phone. 


Audio & Video Intercoms

Intercom Systems make visitor management easy for any size building. Schools, Care centers, doctor’s offices, and apartment buildings often take advantage of the safety and ease of intercom systems. With one master station, one door station, and an electric lock, employees can “buzz in” visitors from anywhere in the facility, ensuring safety to those inside. For apartment buildings, a single outdoor unit and a master unit in each apartment allows tenants to grant access to visitors after speaking through the intercom, or seeing live video of the guest outside.

We offer many different types of Intercom Systems, some include audio and video, others only require audio. We will work with you and your facility’s needs to provide custom, and cost efficient systems to please you, your employees, and most importantly, your clients.


Gate Entry Systems

When it comes to communicating with guests at your gate, there is no better way to get the job done than using our high-quality gate intercom systems. Associated Security offers a wide range of gate entry systems that give you complete control of your gate communication.

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