24 Hour Central Station

Alarm Monitoring


With Associated Security Corporation, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is always connected to our state of the art 24-hour company owned central station in East Hartford,  CT. The Central Station is staffed with a highly trained, dedicated and alert staff. We respond swiftly whenever your alarm is triggered. In an emergency, an operator will pinpoint the location, verify the event, contact the appropriate authorities and call the parties on your  emergency contact list. 

Opening & Closing Reports


This service includes convenient, Cellular Text/SMS summaries of all openings and closings as well as any alarm activity. Open & Close reports can also help you determine whether or not the alarm system is being used every night. Supervised open & close reporting goes a step further.  Your account can be set up so that you are actually notified by the central station if your facility is not opened on time (disarmed), closed on time (armed) or if the system is disarmed outside of normal hours (unauthorized opening) .

Video Surveillance Monitoring


 Monitoring stations were once blind to what was happening at the location of the incoming alarm.   Advancements in Video Monitoring now allows the central station operator see what happens before, during and after the alarm is triggered.  This technology is an affordable and powerful solution that has already helped apprehend criminals, save lives and reduce false alarms.

Cellular, Network & Radio Monitoring


 If the telephone line to  your monitored security system is cut, so is the connection to the central station that calls for help. More robberies and break-ins are successful today because criminals know that the telephone line on the outside of the building is all that protects the property inside.
Communications are across a secure data channel so there are  no busy signals or dropped calls. If you've looked at these forms of  back-up in the past and didn't use them because of cost, look again.  Hardware and airtime expenses have been greatly been reduced!

Elevator and Emergency Monitoring


 Elevator and Emergency Line monitoring allows individuals trapped or in danger to speak directly with a Central Station operator from the emergency telephone . Our operators will dispatch the proper authorities to assist the victim. 

Live Answering Service


 If you’re looking for a holiday answering service, an  after-hours answering service or a telephone answering service for more  traditional business hours, you’ve come to the right place. Our 24/7  professional answering service gives your callers the friendly,  professional service they expect no matter when they call or what they need.