Fire Detection

The main objective of a fire alarm system is to notify the occupants of a building to get out. It has alot of secondary objectives, like notifying a central station that there is a problem so that they can dispatch the proper authorities, also deactivating and activating equiptment. Associated Security can provide fire systems for just about any application. We can Install, Service and maintain systems for small residential customers and large industrial clients. We can monitor any alarm system that has previously been installed and make sure that it meets code. The Life Safety Code, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The National Electric Code, and state or local ordinances have requirements that need to be met on every fire alarm system. Associated Security can advise on what needs to be done to get the system up to code and provide the neccesary service, maintenance and installation. A fire alarm system can consist of a wide aray of detectors, pull stations, horn strobes, modules and panels. Fire alarm systems can be required to integrate with other systems in buildings such as elevators, fire suppression systems, HVAC systems, and access control systems. Associated Security's technicians are trained to meet all local, state, and national fire codes.