Cellular Communication

Cellular GSM monitoring allows us to monitor your existing alarm system without a phone line. Instead of your alarm system being tied to a phone line, which can easily be cut and disabled, we add an Uplink / Starlink unit to your alarm system that communicates with our 24 Hour dispatch center through advanced GSM cellular networks.

Our Cellular transmitters are easy to install, and can be integrated into almost any alarm system. The transmitter is installed inside your home next to the main control box in your closet, and communicates over most any cellular carrier available in your area. This results in one of the safest, most reliable monitoring services available today.


Once you convert to cellular monitoring, your alarm system no longer needs a phone line to communicate with our monitoring center. Families save hundreds a year by going completely wireless with cellular monitoring.

Voice over IP (VOIP) and Digital Phones

Some alarm companies will monitor your alarm system through internet based phone services like U-Verse, Xfinity. Through extensive testing & research we have discovered reliability issues when those types of services are connected to an alarm system. We solve this issue by bypassing them all together with cellular monitoring. Whether your phone goes down, your phone gets cut, or you have no phone line at all, you are covered when you use our Uplink or Starlink transmitter.