Certainly all systems are not the same and customer needs and budgets are different. Associated Security Corp. will meet with you and discuss all of the options and direct you to the best system available for your needs. Our �no pressure sales approach� explains and educates the customer so the customer can make the best decision for their needs and budget.

24 Hour Monitoring

With Associated Security Corporation, you�ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is always connected to a fully computerized, 24-hour company owned central station in East Hartford, CT. The Central Station is staffed with a highly trained, dedicated and alert staff. We respond swiftly whenever your alarm is triggered. In an emergency, an operator will pinpoint the location, verify the event, contact the appropriate authorities and call the parties on your emergency contact list. Each phone conversation and incident detail is archived for review. Your security system can be connected to the central station via land line, GSM/cellular and in most cases through VOIP. See cellular communicator page for more information about GSM/Wireless communications. Most alarm manufacturers make Hybrid systems that can integrate Wireless and Wired technology into your alarm. This is important because sometimes you cannot get a wire where it needs to go and is nice to have the wireless availability.

Window and Door Contacts

We can install contacts on doors and/or windows to detect when opened. These sensors can be hard wired or wireless with our systems. Most work by a switch with a magnet and when the magnet is moved the switch opens and triggers an alarm or a fault. There are also pressure switches which work by a door or a window pushing the switch in when they are closed.

Glassbreak Detectors

The glassbreak detector is designed to detect the sound and percussion of breaking glass. Since the detector works on sounds, the location of the detector is important. Certain things can interfere with successful operation. Carpeted floors and draperies dampen the sounds of breaking glass. In some cases more detectors may be required.

Motion Detectors

There are many different kinds of motion or even mean type detectors. The motions used today are not working by the same technology used years ago. Ultrasonic detectors went by the wayside when microwave and passive infrared technology got applied to motions. The detectors that we install today are combination detectors which utilize both passive infrared and microwave technology. Passive infrared is looking for a change in heat in the motions field of view. Microvave completely fills it's field of view with microwave energy and any movement may disrupt that. The sensors that Associated Security uses incorporate both technologies in order to try and prevent false alarms.

Wireless System

Wireless systems are available when needed. Typical uses involve hard to reach areas or locations that are difficult to access for wiring. The system monitors the wireless devices for low battery and requires them to check in periodically. If the unit does not check in the system will go into a trouble condition.